Case of Sculpterra Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

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1 Case of 2021 Sculpterra Cabernet Sauvignon

An amazing well-balanced and cellar worthy wine! The front, mid and back palate work impeccably well,. This wine is elegantly fashioned, with good structure, firm yet soft on the finish and this is certainly a great candidate for long term cellaring. This all estate wine has steadily gained good traction as Sculpterra’s premier bottle, and this latest release is one of its best Cabernet wines to date. It’s clear to see good balance between black-currant, dark cherry fruits and a refined structure, the wine has a great potential. The supremacy of Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend is clearly seen, but the additions of Merlot with Petit Verdot provide unique flavors and finish to the overall blend. My favorite part of this wine is its initial character of rich black-coffee flavors that evolve into pepper and cooking spices. At 22% new oak the finish shows off vanilla and roasted bouquets.