Les Vogt Performax German Silver Cavalry Shank Swivel Port Western Bit

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New stainless steel Les Vogt Performax show curb bit with "Nevada" style loose shanks bit #1117-95-GS.This beautifully hand engraved German silver overlay bit features no pinch swivel cheeks and a medium port pro roller mouthpiece.The bit features 8 inch long center-mount loose cheeks with a 5 1/8" medium, swivel port roller bar mouthpiece.This is a very well made stainless steel bit with a 5/8 inch diameter x 5-1/8 inch wide sweet iron mouthpiece. The shanks measure 8-1/2 inches with a 2-1/2 inch purchase for a 3.4 to one leverage ratio and weighs in at a heavy 1 pound 9 ounces. Generously donated from provate collection of Dana Jones.